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Archers of Eden

Whether you're a seasoned archer or have never shot an arrow before, we welcome all students. The only skills required are control, concentration & mental strength. This is a sport for the individual or the whole family. Students of differing skills can enjoy the sport side by side without having to be equally matched.

Anyone aged 6+ that is interested in Archery as sport, whether competitively or socially is welcome to join us for instruction.

Archers of Eden has normal and olympic targets plus life size animal targets for you to aim at. Instruction is provided using Mathew's Genesis compound bows only, these bows are great for beginners and honing your skills if you have arched previously, we also have traditional recurve bows for archers to try.

Instruction and all equipment is included in the price. You are of course welcome to bring along your own equipment if you already have it.

Sharpen your focus!

The range can take upto 6 people arching at any one time, there is a spectators bench at the back of the range for anyone not looking to arch but who want to join in the fun. Hunting bows will only be allowed with a field pile, no broadheads.


Adults R180 for an hours instructed session with equipment. Children Under 12 years  R140 for an hours instructed session with equipment

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